A creative corner of Yorkshire: Salts Mill

A nod to the original features of the mill, including these industrial scales.

We have started a new series of blog posts called ‘creative corner’ to not only promote the arts within Yorkshire, but to also encourage and continue creativity throughout this challenging time.

Start with Y creative marketing was born in Harrogate, North Yorkshire from a passion to create and has a strategic yet creative approach to marketing and offers support to small business and charities, including copywriting, SEO, photography, strategy and campaign planning. Find out more about what we do.

“Sometimes we all need a boost into creativity as it can never be forced.

Everyone can create something.“

We recently discovered Salts Mill in Saltaire, which has now become one of our favourite creative corners of Yorkshire.

Built by Sir Titus Salt in 1853, the textile mill and surrounding town of Saltaire became an epicentre of industry in Yorkshire.  Only closing its doors in 1986, when a local billionaire bought the mill and started the long process of restoring the mill, brining it back into this century as an art gallery, bookshop and creative hub.

David Hockney’s work on display in one of the galleries.

The subtle nods to the former mill are still present throughout if you know to look out for them. Pipes, large heavy-duty scales, brickwork, and fire buckets are a reminder that you are walking around industrial history.  Sitting on the Leeds to Liverpool canal, you cannot help but think back to when the mill was filled with workers, using the canal for its sole purpose – moving goods around the country and reflect on how removed we now are from the current textile industry.

After spending over 6 hours in the vast mill, (one of the largest in the UK)  2 cups of frothy coffee, hazelnut and chocolate cake consumed and a large lunch devoured, we came out inspired.

Start with Y creative marketing is lucky to have its roots in Yorkshire, never being far away from a creative hotspot.  In this creative corner of Yorkshire series, we will bring you more creative treasures from the shining Yorkshire crown.

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