Our goal for 2021: Be kind.

January is usually a time for reflection and prediction, setting our goals for the months stretching out before us with optimism and excitement. A fresh start.

However, the start of this year is still slightly steeped in uncertainly. The world around us isn’t like it was a year ago, and we have all been shaken by something very real and now we must recover together.

When we pulled out our notebook and scribbled down our goals for the year, we simple wrote done one thing: Be kind. Be kind to ourselves and be kind to others.

Be kind to ourselves through the form of looking after our minds and our bodies.  Be kind to others by giving, forgiving, caring, and supporting.

If 2020 has taught us anything its that we need to be kinder to not only ourselves, but to the people around us. We have all collectively suffered a turbulent year and whilst the future still remains uncertain, we can get through this next chapter together through kindness.

Start with Y creative marketing based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire launched in August 2020 from a passion of creative yet strategic marketing.

Although your doors might be closed, you can ensure you remain open online.

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