Always learning.

Learning has always been an important aspect of my life, from an eager child trying my hand at the next new hobby:  from snorkelling to guitar playing, through to being a dedicated master’s student.  I was fortunate to of been brought up by parents who were big advocates of learning and have supported me throughout.

The expression “You learn something new every day” should become a motto, an aspiration to try and seek out a snippet of new knowledge every day. 

During the past 5 months of working from home, like so many of us who have been trying to find a new routine and some motivation – I have dedicated some of this time to develop new skills through online learning.

The CIM launched a Digital Channels Course at the start of lockdown which has been crucial for me to brush up on my digital marketing skills and formed the building blocks to launching Start with Y creative marketing and would recommend this cohesive course to anyone in the field.

I also recommend HubSpot Academy  and although based in the US, is very relevant to trends in the UK and their wide range of online videos are broken up into manageable chunks, making them easy to fit around your workload.

Girls in Marketing has grown significantly in the past year and are a great resource and offer affordable online courses and webinars starting from just £15.

Future Learn is also a must for creatives and offer a series of short or more extensive online courses from the top UK universities – most of which are free!

My journey of learning won’t ever stop.  Next month I look forward to some Trustee training provided by Hempson’s in Harrogate to help support the work I do for Open Country as their marketing trustee.

Self-development and learning are vital to living a wholesome life – not just to fulfil career prospects. Learning has been proven to enhance mental wellbeing and what better way to invest in yourself than opening your mind to knowledge, which can never be taken away from you.

They say knowledge is power, but I say learning is essential.

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